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C4 84-96 Uncoated Transparent Exchange Roof (Blue Tint Only)

Uncoated C4 Exch
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Product Description

The first C4 debuted over 30 years ago.  Many of these vehicles have over 100,000 miles on them.  This uncoated option may be a better choice for the economically minded Corvette owner.  Not returnable once film had been removed


  1. More affordable
  2. Able to polish hazing and light scratches


  1. May scratch easily or haze with use
  2. Lens may be presumed as not restoration correct




Core Charges- These roofs require an exchange frame. You may choose one of the three core options:

  • Pay now- pay the $200 and we will ship the purchased roof out to you immediately. You have an indefinite amount of time to send us your core. When we receive your core we will refund you $200 via company check by mail.
  • Send you Core in first- Go ahead and send us your roof to avoid any core charges. We will print out this order and await for your core to arrive. We will call if we have any questions. Otherwise, we will ship the new roof out when your core arrives.
  • No core pay $200- Select this if you have no core to send us.


Core (your roof) Requirements:

  • Transparent roofs only- we cannot use painted fiberglass roofs to bond a new lens to.
  • Roof frame must be unbent, un-cracked, untampered with, and otherwise unmolested from factory conditions. The lens condition does not matter to us, and can even be completely missing, as it will be removed once it arrives anyways.
  • If you or prior owners have attempted repairs with silicone sealants this will void any warranty as the silicone leaches into the aluminum frame and makes it very difficult to bond to.


BEFORE ORDERING: You Must Determine Your Roof Year

To help you determine exactly which top you need measure across the top of the windshield frame to the center of each mounting bolt hole (if roof is in car you may also measure from hole to hole on inside). If you have the roof please refer to the hardware pictured below:


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